style="text-align: center;">mIRC VxD Script Necronomicon 8


Ver.8 Rev.E by VxD

VxD Necronomicon 8

NECR0N0MiC0N 8 can change the look and feel of mIRC. Customize nicklist, Treebar dialog boxes, popups and much more...
Is a software that allows you to manage the graphics of the mIRC client in many aspects. Apply styles, colors, images and transparencies to the pop-up dialog boxes and windows has never been so easy, 100% customizable.

This Script is evolving to enable any combination of style, color and aspects of graphic display effect to your dialog window with DCX.dll and other notes Dlls combined with each other. Is possible to update the script with update system for all versions or addons that will be introduced later.

Optimized for Windows 10, then activate Aero style glass or Glow to get the maximum effect in the dialog boxes.

 Windows 10The Setup Wizard will create the shortcut

 on the desktop to start the program.




 The minimum requirements for the installation are:
 ◘ dual core processor or higher
 ◘ graphics adapter to medium-high
 ◘ .NET Framework versions 4.5

Download and unzip NECR0N.rar file.
Run NECR0N8.exe as administrator.